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The man behind the curtain

Excel-Financial-Model was conceived and created by Dirk Gostomski. Working as a consultant for start-ups, SMEs and venture capital firms for more than 15 years – offering business planning, financial due diligence and capital raising services – the idea was born to develop and provide flexible, easy-to-use and robust Excel-based tools. The primary objective is to help entrepreneurs, senior managers and investors with a detailed financial model to gain full visibility into all of the assumptions, cash requirements, profitability, scalability and the ramp-up of their respective business.

dirk-gostomski-trainer-fimoviThe dictum is: “Don’t fear the financial section of your business plan – you don’t need an MBA to get it right”. Using Excel-Financial-Model, entrepreneurs can spend less time on finance and more time on their product and business development.

In 2011 Dirk has founded and set up Financial Modelling Videos with the desire to combine his passion for finance and his love of teaching. Fimovi’s mission is to provide start-ups and entrepreneurs with the highest quality of training and skills development in applied finance fundamentals by offering video tutorials as well as professional, easy-to-use Excel-based tools.

Since then, Fimovi has helped over 2,500 entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and managers to plan, start, run and grow their business more efficiently. They either have downloaded the financial models or taken a video tutorial or workshop on financial modelling from Fimovi.


Dirk’s Background

Dirk has extensive experience in the development and review of financial models. For more than 15 years Dirk is building complex project and operational models and reviewing financial models for a wide range of industries including mining, infrastructure and energy. He is also engaged in developing and reviewing corporate planning and budgeting models for both established and start-up companies.

Over the past years, Dirk continued to modify and revise the Excel-Financial-Model based on feedback from people who have downloaded the tool and used it for their business. He directly worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs as an investor, advisor, or mentor, and helped with his financial models and personal advice to successfully secure their funding.


About Financial Modelling Videos

Germany based Financial Modelling Videos (Fimovi) – offered by Fimovi GmbH – enables its customers to develop flexible and robust financial plans and cashflow models based on Microsoft Excel. Fimovi provides a broad range of financial modelling related services for clients across many industry sectors.

  • Fimovi’s financial modelling video training courses are “hands-on” with users learning how to build their own model with Excel from scratch.
  • Fimovi’s templates and excel tools are designed and built to be flexible, future proof, robust and user‐friendly.
  • Fimovi’s practical training services, like seminars and workshops, enable entrepreneurs, corporate clients, and investors to build financial models applying best practices. The tools support and enhance business decisions, transactions and strategies.


What Financial Modelling Videos can do for you

  • Ready-to-use Excel tools and templates for corporate planning, budgeting, valuation, cashflow planning and project finance
  • Development of individual models, tailor-made to your specific requirements
  • Model review, optimization and audit
  • Seminars and workshops